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130 Male Street, Brighton, Melbourne VIC 3186
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No referrals are required for X Rays or musculoskeletal MRIs

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After hours, weekends and public holidays (available by appointment only)

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We keep our fees as low and affordable as possible

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We are experts in spine, sports and activity-related imaging

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Our MRI is more friendly for people who have issues with claustrophobia

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Bayside Standing MRI - Don’t take pain and injury lying down!

At Bayside Standing MRI, we offer a top-tier Diagnostic Imaging Service, fully accredited, with a special focus on imaging for spine-related issues, sports injuries, and activity-related disorders.

Our commitment to delivering timely and top-notch imaging along with detailed reports has solidified Brighton Radiology's outstanding reputation in the field. Our ongoing dedication lies in assisting patients and their referring practitioners by ensuring the utmost standard of clinical management.

Get a better MRI service today

When you’re injured and in pain, you want clinical management of your issue to begin as soon as possible – that’s exactly what Bayside Standing MRI provides.

Bayside Standing MRI introduced the first upright magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) service in Victoria. Unlike tunnel MRI scanners, which have the patient lying down only, our MRI scanner can image particular regions of your body lying down and standing up. In this weight bearing position, we can better assess a range of issues and injuries.

In fact, in some cases, we can detect issues that won’t be detected in a lying down position. To achieve this benefit with our service, it's essential that a direct comparison is made between imaging in both lying down and upright positions – using the same machine.

With our low field MRI scans, some specialists may request an additional high field MRI scan for additional information. Often the additional study confirms our results. The vast majority of our MRI reports do not require an additional scan.

As well as improved scanning, Bayside Standing MRI's aim is to provide you with the fastest possible assessment of your injury. Your General Practitioner, specialist or other registered health care practitioner can refer you directly to us, or you can come to our centre for an In-House referral - that we can provide if needed. This can shave weeks off your assessment time, which means you’ll be able to have your injury – and the associated pain – attended to quickly.

* Bayside Standing MRI is a private service. Fees are not bulk billed or claimable through Medicare. See our MRI Expenses page to find out why our MRI typically costs no more than a Medicare-rebate MRI elsewhere. After hours and public holidays by appointment only.

One convenient location

We are conveniently located in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton at 130 Male Street, just off Nepean Highway and a short distance from Brighton North Railway Station. Free on-site parking or off-street parking is available, right near our front door.

For appointments during normal hours, please visit our Appointments Page. For appointments after hours, phone 0417 160 912.

Why use Bayside Standing MRI?

After hours

We're available after hours for urgent cases. This includes Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

Competitive costs

Overall out of pocket costs are generally no more than Medicare-rebate MRI elsewhere.

More claustrophobia friendly

Our MRI scanner is more comfortable for those who suffer from claustrophobia.

No referrals necessary

No referrals are required for x-rays and musculoskeletal MRIs.

Make an appointment with Bayside Standing MRI

We operate the first upright MRI service in Victoria. This experience ensures you will be provided with the best quality care and service. Make an appointment with us today:

For appointments during regular hours, complete a simple appointment request form on our Appointments page.

For after hours appointments for urgent cases, phone 0417 160 912.

Our clinic is in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton.

Frequently asked questions

MRIs use magnetic fields, not ionizing radiation, making it a very safe imaging option when conducted by a health professional.

Bayside Standing MRI can help you with all referrals. Explore our Referrals page for additional details.

When Bayside Standing MRI receives a referral from your doctor or specialist, they typically have access to your results within one to two days. If you’ve had an MRI without a referral, we can often deliver the results promptly, which means treatment can begin quickly.

While our regular hours are extensive, if you’re suffering from acute pain and need immediate attention outside of our regular hours, we are available 9:30am to 9:00pm 7 days a week. All appointments must be made by phoning us on 0417 160 912.