MRIs are not eligible for bulk billing. We can advise you of out of pocket expenses you’ll incur when you come in or if you phone prior to coming in.

Private health insurance does not typically cover MRIs. Insurers will only cover parts of the costs of an MRI if you are an inpatient in a private hospital.

MRIs use magnetic fields, not ionizing radiation, making it a very safe imaging option when conducted by a health professional.

Yes, you can. While our standing MRI is more friendly for people with claustrophobia, one of the strategies we insist on for those who suffer claustrophobia is to have a friend or family member there to support you.

For your convenience and to minimise wait times while we attend to other patients, we always recommend you schedule an appointment with Bayside Standing MRI. You can make appointments during regular hours by filling out our appointment request form and then call us. During regular hours and after hours, you must always call us to make an appointment.

Bayside Standing MRI can help you with all referrals. Explore our Referrals page for additional details.

When Bayside Standing MRI receives a referral from your doctor or specialist, they typically have access to your results within one to two days. If you’ve had an MRI without a referral, we can often deliver the results promptly, which means treatment can begin quickly.

While our regular hours are extensive, if you’re suffering from acute pain and need immediate attention outside of our regular hours, we are available 9:30am to 9:00pm 7 days a week. All appointments must be made by phoning us on 0417 160 912.

We offer MRI services, including upright MRIs, and a wide range of other radiology services. Please see the below information.

At Brighton Standing MRI you will find a team of professionals with imaging expertise and extensive experience in MRIs and radiology, supported by a group of consultants.

All patients need to settle their account on the day of their MRI service.