Our standing MRI service is affordable and we endeavour to make our pricing as competitive as possible. Most MRI services cost $385 and there is no refunds for cancellations.

Typically, having an MRI at Bayside Standing MRI will cost you no more overall than having a Medicare-rebate MRI scan elsewhere. The reason for this is that most Medicare-rebate MRI scans require referrals from a GP and medical specialist – usually with out-of-pocket costs for each – before the scan can take place. Additionally, there is also typically an out-of-pocket cost when the actual Medicare-rebate MRI scan is performed.

So the choice is yours:

  • Use our private MRI service and typically pay no more overall than you would elsewhere.
  • Use a Medicare-funded MRI service elsewhere with up to 3 out-of-pocket costs - meaning you'll often pay around the same as you would if you used our service.

It's also worth pointing out that if you use a Medicare-rebate MRI service you may also have to wait several weeks to have your injury or pain attended to, due to the longer appointment and referral timeline.

Plus, you may not get access to an upright MRI, as you will at Bayside Standing MRI. This means you may not get the benefit of having imaging completed in a weight bearing position, which in some cases can detect issues that won’t be detected in a lying down position.

If you’d like to know more about the costs involved and your specific circumstances, talk to Bayside Standing MRI’s friendly staff at your appointment or by phoning 0417 160 912.