How much am I out of pocket?
The fee for an MRI scan using the only standing MRI scanner in Victoria varies depending on the type of scan required. Our service is affordable and we endeavour to make our pricing as competitive as possible. Actually, having an MRI scan with our private (non-rebate) service will typically cost you no more overall than having a Medicare-funded MRI scan elsewhere. The reason for this is that most Medicare-funded MRI scans require referrals from a GP and medical specialist – usually with out-of-pocket costs for each – before the scan can take place. Additionally, there is also typically an out-of-pocket cost when the actual scan is performed. So the choice is yours:
  • Use a traditional Medicare-funded MRI service with up to 3 out-of-pocket costs – yet pay a similar amount overall for a similar type of service with us….and potentially delay your pain/injury being attended to by having to wait for several weeks for the scan to take place due to the longer appointment/referral timeline.
  • Or, potentially gain benefit from a new Standing MRI service. This is because some injuries or clinical problems can be assessed in both the lying down position and under weight-bearing load.
If you’d like to know more about the costs involved and your specific circumstances, talk to Bayside Standing MRI’s friendly staff at your appointment or by phoning 0417 160 912. Using the standing MRI typically will cost you no more out of pocket than a traditional MRI