Relax, we’re claustrophobia-friendly!
Having scans using a traditional MRI can be daunting for a person who suffers from claustrophobia or similar anxiety. That’s because having a traditional MRI involves sliding the patient into a relatively tight-fitting tube, a position they’ll need to stay in for a potentially lengthy period of time. The Standing MRI is different, however. As the photos of our type of machine show, the Standing MRI is more open than the traditional MRI. In fact, if you’re having the MRI on your lower body region the entire top half of your body will be open. The Standing MRI is much more claustrophobia friendly than a traditional MRI machine

Still feeling anxious?

If you are still feeling anxious in any way about using Bayside Standing MRI, talk to one of our friendly staff. We understand the difficulties that some people have with MRIs and we can discuss the non-harmful process of the MRI, so you’ll know exactly what’s involved before you have any scans. In a small number of cases, people may need increased support to help them prepare for an MRI. Here are a few tips if you’re feeling anxious:
  • If you’ve been prescribed tablets to help subdue your claustrophobia or anxiety symptoms, take one before your scans.
  • Some people find herbs, such as passionflower and kava assist to cope better with claustrophobia feelings and other anxieties.
  • Relaxation and stress-relief techniques have been shown to help some people.
  • Similarly, meditation and even music can relieve symptoms.
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) or controlling your thoughts can also help.