The process is simple for:
  •  practitioners who are referring patients to Bayside Standing MRI or,
  •  patients without a referral wondering if they may benefit from the type of MRI service we provide.
What’s more, it’s quick and can potentially speed up the assessment time by weeks.

For practitioners

When you refer your patient directly to Bayside Standing MRI, imaging assessment of your patient’s issue can be commenced quickly. In fact, we can often take scans on the same day as the referral. (If a patient is referred by a GP to a medical specialist and then on to a Medicare-funded MRI service, the assessment may take up to 8 weeks.) For your patients and you using our service, this can mean: 1. more accurate clinical/imaging assessment of injuries and conditions, 2. overall assessment can be performed quickly, 3. injury/condition/pain management can typically begin in a shorter time-frame. To refer a patient to Bayside Standing MRI, please request an appointment and complete the Musculoskeletal MRI Referral Form.

For patients

If you don’t have a referral from a GP, chiropractor, physiotherapist, osteopath or medical specialist it’s not a problem. You can still use Bayside Standing MRI’s clinical service and get your pain or injury assessed here by a qualified rehabilitation and sports practitioner. As part of our clinical service, patients without a referral are provided with a consultation (fee applies) to thoroughly assess and better understand their pain or injury. We can then arrange for the MRI scans, if required, to be performed here. (It is important to understand that sometimes it may not be in your best interest to proceed with a MRI scan, in which case we will explain what other more useful options would be best to help get to the bottom of your particular health problem.) Most importantly, following any MRI scanning and subsequent interpretation of these scans by our specialist radiologist, management of your pain or injury can begin fairly quickly. We also provide a spine and sports rehabilitation service at our Male Street Brighton centre, so in some cases we can start providing clinical care and advice immediately. When you’re in pain this can make a huge difference! If you’re a patient without a referral, please make an appointment and complete the Confidential Questionnaire for Patients.